Interesting facts about butterflies
Interesting facts about butterflies
One of the most charming and stunning creation of God, butterflies are the adult flying stage of certain insects. Butterflies belong to the insect’s order “Lepidoptera”. The Greek word “Lepidoptera” refers to “scaly wings”. Butterflies have unique patterns and colors of wings which make them so charming and attractive. Here are some exciting and interesting facts about butterflies that are surely not to be missed:

Top 12 interesting and exciting facts about butterflies!

Let’s start:

1. Some facts about butterflies species and lifespan!

Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera. There are more than 2000 known species of these charming insects; each having its own unique colors and pattern. On the other hand, these charming creations have lifespan of just a few weeks. On average, an adult butterfly has lifespan of around two and eight months. Some species have even shorter lifespan.

2. Butterflies have basically transparent wings!

Despite the fact that we see so many charming and attractive colors and patterns of butterflies’ wings, their wings are basically transparent.  The wings are made up of protein named chitin. And chitin is transparent. So what makes them look so colorful then? Well, the wings are covered in thousands of miniature scales of various colors. Therefore, their wings reflect those colors and appear multi-colored. Butterflies have four wings and their wings are helpful as defense mechanism

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3. Butterflies have four wings and their wings are helpful as defense mechanism – here is how!

While one of the most common misconception is that butterflies have two wings. However, the truth is otherwise. Butterflies have four wings instead of two. Two are forewings and two hind wings. Wings have quite interesting role for these fragile creatures. Not only they attract mates but also serve as defense mechanism. With their wings, they perfectly blend and camouflage. Sometime, their color spectrum frightens predators.

4. Butterflies live entirely on liquid diet!

Butterflies depend entirely on sweet nectar of flowers. They only drink nectar for survival in their short lifespan. The North American Monarch species travels an average of 2,500 miles

5. Fun fact - butterfly tastes with its feet!

Butterflies have taste receptors in their feet. So, basically they taste with their feet. Sometimes, it can be an unpleasant experience when they land on flowers for sucking nectar.

6. Some species of butterflies migrate during winters!

This seems quite an arduous task for these tiny and fragile beings, but some butterflies migrate in winters. The North American Monarch species travels an average of 2,500 miles when the temperature drops. Butterflies become immobile and die in cold weather. Other species that migrate include Cloudless Sulphur, Skipper, Sachem, Question Mark, Clouded Skipper and Fiery Skipper to name a few.

7. The Painted Lady butterfly is the most common species in the entire world!

The most common butterfly species in the world is the Painted Lady butterfly. It has characteristic orange and brown shade and has brown spots as well. This species is most common in the world except for the Australia, Antarctica and South America. Fun facts about butterfly

8. The rarest butterfly species!

The Palos Verdes is the rarest butterfly specie in the whole world. other rare species include Sinai Baton Blue, Leona's Little Blue, Lange's Metalmark, Island Marble and  Miami Blue to name a few.

9. And there is a unique “88 butterfly”!

The 88 butterfly is unique kind of butterfly. It has a double-circle design in the center of each of its wings that seems like the number “88”. Thus the species is named so. This beautiful butterfly is found Central America and South America. Queen Alexandra's Birdwing

10. Queen Alexandra's Birdwing - World’s largest butterfly!

The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing holds the record for the largest known butterfly specie in the world. This is native to Papua New Guinea. Its wings’ span is around 30cm which is roughly 10 times the size of an average butterfly.

11. Western Pygmy Blue – world’s smallest butterfly!

The Western Pygmy Blue has the wings’ span of 1.3 cm. This species is native to North and Central America. This is the world’s smallest butterfly specie. The Western Pygmy Blue has the wings’ span of 1.3 cm

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12. Cabbage white butterfly – the most common butterfly in the United States!

The cabbage white butterfly is the most widespread specie in United States. This is a middle-sized butterfly with yellow, white and sometimes orange-tipped wings. These were some of interesting and fun facts about butterflies. Stay connected for more fun facts.  

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