Interesting facts about noodles
Interesting facts about noodles
Noodles are one of the most popular staple foods around the globe. They are made with dough that is processed to a final shape of long thin stands or strings. Dry noodles are then cooked either in boiling water and sometimes deep fried. From kids to grownups everyone loves noodles and they are used in different cuisines. Here are some exciting and interesting facts about noodles that you may not know before: The word noodle is derived from a German term “nudel”. Nudle is further derived from the term “Nutel” that means “small knot”. Nudle also refers to “pieces of pasta”. This staple food is prepared from unleavened dough. The dough is skillfully stretched, flattened and finally cut into one of a variety of shapes. Noodles, in general, are long strands or strings of varying thickness.

Interesting facts about noodles you probably didn’t know before:

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1. Noodles have a long rich history!

The earliest records of noodles have been identified in a book from around 25–220 CE - the Eastern Han period. In 2005, the Chinese archeologists discovered an earthenware bowl containing noodles. These noodles are estimated to be as much as 4,000 years old. Those noodles resemble the popular dish Lamian - a variety of Chinese noodle. For Chinese, noodles are not only a food but a symbol of long life. Therefore, noodles are must in every celebration and festive meal. As per the ancient documentations, noodles were basically small bits of bread dough that were cooked in boiling water. Mian Pian is similar kind of noodles that are eaten now days. The Western world was introduced to this staple quite late. In Turkey, the Kesme or Reshteh noodles were popular around 13th century There are so many historical variations of noodles. Japanese adapted the recipe of Chinese noodles. In Turkey, the Kesme or Reshteh noodles were popular around 13th century. Ash reshteh – a soup like dish of Persian origin was popular among people. Around 13th – 14th century, Italian pasta became popular and it had variety of shapes including long strands like noodles. In a nutshell, noodles have a long and rich history.

2. Noodles were once a luxury food only accessible to prosperous!

In the beginning, noodles were made with millet grass grain. Moreover, this staple food was not affordable and accessible by all. It was until after World War II when noodles became more popular and easily accessible by people of all classes. Now, noodles are among the cheapest and most frequently used staple food.

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3. The popular ramen noodles were the invention of Japanese!

Tough china is the birthplace of noodles; however, Japanese were the one to introduce ramen. In 1958, Japanese Nissin foods added more ingredients to wheat noodles and introduced now popular ramen. This yummy ramen is believed to be effective for curing common cold and flu. In 1958, Japanese Nissin foods added more ingredients to wheat noodles and introduced now popular ramen.

4. And there is a whole museum of noodles in Japan!

You will be amazed to know that Japan has a whole museum of noodles. This is located in Yokohama and known as “the Cup Noodles Museum”. This place is surly a delight for foodies and explorers. Here, you will get to know stories about different varieties of noodle, ramen, Momofuku Ando’s, about the Nissin Food and so much more.

5. There are special zero gravity noodles for space travelers!

Here is another of interesting facts about noodles! Noodles have been to space. In 2005, Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi took instant noodles with him during his space mission.  Later the Nissin Food, the same company that introduced ramen, introduced zero-gravity instant noodles. These noodles are shaped like balls and easy to use by the astronauts. Japan's Cup Noodles Museum

6. Contrary to general table etiquettes – slurping noodles is the right way to eat!

One of the basic table etiquette is not to slurp food. It’s rude and annoying. However, slurping noodles is totally cool and in fact the right way to eat. Japanese believe that slurping sound is the sign that you find your food delicious and yummy.

7. And there is national noodle day!

October 6th is celebrated as national noodle day. After the World War II, the popularity of noodles increased dramatically. This was because of the shortage of food in those days. Dry noodles were the only food item easily available. And now it’s one of the most common staple foods. In addition to the national noodles day, there is “Eat Your Noodles Day” on March 11th. Moreover, the National Ramen Day is celebrated on April 4th.

8. The Guinness world record for longest noodle!

Xiangnian Food Co. Ltd. achieved the world record for the longest noodle on 28 October 2017. This unique noodle measured about 3,084 m. To prepare this massive noodle strand, the food company used about 40 kg of bread flour, 26.8 liters of water and 0.6 kg of salt. Moreover, the workers worked tirelessly for 17 hours for rolling the longest noodle. October 6th is celebrated as national noodle day.

9.The Guinness world record for most noodles eaten in three minutes!

Jeremy Lanig (USA), a teacher based in Takamatsu, Japan, made this world record. He was able to slurp 1,116 g (39 oz) of udon noodles (equals to ten average sized bowls) in just three minutes. Udon noodles are quite thick, chewy and sticky so it’s a quite challenging to eat this much amount in such a short time. These were some of amazing and interesting facts about noodles. Stay tuned for more exciting content.  

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