Interesting facts about blood type
Interesting facts about blood type
A person’s blood type is classified based on the presence of inherited antigens – substances attached on the surface of red blood cell. An antigen is certain specific type of proteins, carbohydrates, glycoprotein, or glycolipids. There are four principle blood types namely; blood type A, B, AB and O. Moreover, these are further categorized as either Rh positive or Rh negative based on presence or absence of Rh factor. Blood type is believed to say a lot about one’s personality. Japanese rely on blood types instead of zodiac signs. Here we have brought you some of incredible and interesting facts about blood type that you might not knew before:

Top 10 interesting facts about blood type:

An American biologist Karl Landsteiner discovered ABO blood group system in 1901.

1. Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory- blood type as personality indicator!

While most of the people believe in zodiac signs, Japanese use blood type as personality indicator. Thus, they believe that every blood type is associated with unique characteristic. According to their blood type theory;
  • People having blood type A are disciplined, well-behaved but tend to be stressed easily
  • Having blood O means a person is highly optimistic, a born leader or resilient nature
  • Those having blood type B are creative and curious. The bad news is that they tend to be egotistic and selfish.
  • A person having blood type AB tends to have complicated, somewhat ‘dual’ nature.
Japanese believe in this blood type theory so much that it’s usually a part of their routine conversation. You will be amazed to know that Japanese dating sites ask for your blood type for perfect matching. Not only this, there are so many products that are made as per the blood types. For instance, there is a brand that makes a series of blood type condoms. There are chocolates based on blood types and so on. Japanese Blood Type Personality Theory- blood type as personality indicator Japanese blood type theory dates back to 1927. A high school teacher and Psychologist Takeji Furukawa decided to have some system to access the applicants' personalities. So, he observed thoroughly and made assumptions. Later in 1970s, a journalist Masahiko Nomi published a book about the relationships between blood types and personalities. His major inspiration was work of Takeji Furukawa.

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2. Blood type A is the oldest of all blood types!

Blood type A is the most ancient. Researchers believe that this blood type existed before the evolution of human species from its ancestors. Then comes the blood type B. Blood type B possibly originated some 3.5 million years ago, as result of some genetic mutation.

3. Does your blood type determine what you should eat? A big YES!

It’s an interesting thing that a person’s blood type influences the eating habits. Moreover, nutritionists suggest certain particular diets for every blood group.
  • For instance, people having blood group O, should eat protein- rich diet such as meat, poultry etc.  Also, this blood group is most susceptible to digestive issues.
  • Those having blood type A should include more veggies in their diet. This is because they tend to have weak immune system.
  • If you have blood type B, your body tends to release more cortisol – the stress hormone. Therefore, you should avoid junk and fatty food.
  • Those having blood type AB, should include more citrus in their diet so as to ensure proper digestion.
a person’s blood type influences the eating habits

4. Some fun facts about blood type and associated personality traits!

  • O blood type is most commonly needed. The reason is that this blood type lacks antigens on blood cell. Therefore, the recipient body does not react to it. And this makes it most wanted blood type and “universal donor”. Daring, outgoing, resilient and determined; these characteristics define blood type O people. If you have blood type O, here is the good new!  On the other hand, they are known for their anger issues.
  • Those having blood type A are generally generous, kind and compassionate. At the same time, they are the ones having stress and anxiety disorders. In this blood type, the body produces more cortisol as compared to other blood groups.
  • Similarly, people having blood type B are optimistic, confident, friendly and easy to get along with. They are said to be the most “balanced” type. These are empathic and caring and have exceptionally high logical skills.
  • People having blood type AB are more prone to memory issues, strokes and trauma.  These are “universal recipient” blood type.

5. Blood types and risks of certain diseases!

  • Those having blood type O have lower risks of coronary heart disease and malaria.
  • People having blood type AB have greater risk of developing cognitive and memory issues.
  • All blood types except O type are more prone to develop pancreatic cancer.
  • Those having Rh negative blood type have greater risk of having skin allergies.Those having blood type O have lower risks of coronary heart disease and malaria.

6. Blood group affects fertility!

A number of studies show the association of blood type with fertility. Women with O blood type tend to have low fertility compared to other blood types.

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7. James Harrison – the man who saved 2 million babies with his rare blood group!

James Harrison, also known as the “man with golden arm” has saved around 2 million lives. Harrison’s blood contained high levels of an antibody - the anti-D immunoglobulin. Due to this antibody, his blood can help babies with a condition known as Rhesus disease. What happens is that the maternal immune system attacks the fetus in this condition. However, a blood transfusion of Harrison’s can save these babies. Harrison has donated blood for around 60 years, saving 2 million lives. O blood type is most commonly needed and they are universal donor

8. What is the most common human blood type?

Blood type O positive is the most common blood type worldwide. About 42% of global population has this blood type.

9. About 3-4 % of global population suffers from hemophobia!

The phobia or irrational fear of blood is called as "hemophobia". Around 3-4% of global population suffers from this. Generally, it begins in childhood and teenage and often result of some traumatic event.

10. Rh null or the golden blood is rarest blood type worldwide!

Its common perception that O negative blood type is rarest; it’s not. The rarest blood type is Rh null; also termed as golden blood. This blood type was first discovered in Aboriginal Australians. Till now, less than 50 people in the entire world have this blood type. Rh null or the golden blood is rarest blood type worldwide

11. Having negative blood type makes you more susceptible to mental health issues!

Studies show that people having negative blood types are more prone to mental health issues. They tend to have panic disorders, anxiety, antisocial personality disorders etc. compared to positive blood types. These were some of interesting facts about blood type. Share in comments if you know more amazing facts. Stay tuned for more exciting content.  

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