Interesting facts about the zodiac signs
Interesting facts about the zodiac signs
Astrology is the study of planetary positions and alignment of celestial bodies and how they influence a person’s personality, behavior and future. The zodiac signs are the elements of astrology. A zodiac sign refers to a particular segment of space in the ecliptic, within which are the apparent paths of the sun, moon, and other planets. Moreover, there are twelve constellations in this belt that we know as “zodiac signs”. Majority of people have profound faith on astrology and the zodiac signs. Therefore, they often consider the zodiac predications when starting a new chapter in life no matter it’s about education, business, job, relationships etc. Here are some incredible and exciting facts about the zodiac signs.

18 exciting and interesting facts about the zodiac signs you shouldn't miss!

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1. Astrology may have been practiced during the third millennial BC!

The study of astrology and zodiac signs is not new. Archeological evidences suggest that astrology have been practiced from second millennium BC. Archaeologists have discovered about 70 tablets, featuring the more than 7000 celestial predictions. Experts have also discovered cave paintings depicting the changing positions of planets and stars in the sky. Initially, people used these for current happenings. It was around the fourth century BC, when astrologers developed a reliable system. It helped about future celestial movements and their impact on people and earth. Archeological evidences suggest that astrology have been practiced from second millennium BC. Egyptians were the first people to identify stars and star constellations. One of the oldest evidence of zodiacs being used for future predictions is the book “The Day of Bel”. This book was written almost 5000 years ago.

2. Greeks named the zodiac signs!

The word “zodiac” is of Greek origin. It means “animal figures sculpted”. Moreover, Greeks named the zodiac signs that we know today. Ptolemy's book, “Tetrabiblos”, had significant role in term of the popularity of astrology in the ancient world. In ancient times, astrology was used to predict present and future happenings, weather predictions, economical status etc. Moreover, astrology and astronomy were considered to be same things. However, recently astronomy is approved as an exact science.

3. Zodiac calendar was basically used in agriculture!

In the beginning, farmers used to rely on zodiac signs as an agricultural calendar to track when to sow seeds and harvest crops. It was based on the position of the constellations in the sky. The word “zodiac” is of Greek origin. It means “animal figures sculpted”

4. People in past used Medical astrology to predict about diseases!

People in past had profound belief in astrology. Until 18th century, the subject was properly taught in educational institutes. In addition, people used to rely on medical astrology to predict the disease pattern due to possible relationships between celestial movements and disease.

5. There are more than 2000 horoscopes!

In addition to the Western 12 zodiac signs and the Chinese zodiacs, there are more than 2000 horoscopes. Indian Vedic philosophy also gives several horoscopes. However, the western zodiacs are most common.

6. Japanese rely on blood groups instead of zodiac signs!

Japanese have their own way of predicting someone’s personality, traits or behavior. Instead of zodiac signs, Japanese rely on the person’s blood type. In addition to the Western 12 zodiac signs and the Chinese zodiacs, there are more than 2000 horoscopes.

7. Zodiac sign is not enough to read someone’s personality!

Most of people believe that zodiac sign is enough to predict someone’s personality and behavior. However, there are several signs which play their role in developing someone’s personality. The sun, the moon and the rising signs are quite important in this regard. Sun sings determines your ego, motivation and goals. Moon sign is the indicator of emotions and the rising sign reflect your personality and your social behavior.

8. The zodiac signs according to fundamental elements!

The Greeks introduced astrological wheel of twelve zodiac signs. The further categorized it according to the fundamental elements; air, water, earth and fire.
  • Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs.
  • Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo belong to earth element.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to air element.
  • Aries, Sagittarius and Leo belong to the fire element.

9. Babies born on same day may have different zodiac signs!

Usually, we decide the zodiac signs based on our date of birth. Interestingly, persons having same date of birth may have different zodiac signs. It depends on the exact time of birth.

10. Tauruses are the biggest foodies among all!

In all the zodiac signs, Taurus people loves food. Thus, they are always into exploring new restaurants and food points. However, they are picky eaters at the same time. Tauruses are the biggest foodies among all

11. Leo is the most common zodiac sign in the world!

Leo, cancer and Scorpio are the top three common signs in the world population. In Latin, Leo means lion. This sign is governed by the fire element. They are warm, loving, intelligent and courageous. Also read: Interesting facts about turquoise

12. Gemini is the craziest zodiac sign!

Another of interesting facts about the zodiac signs! Geminis are no doubt the craziest people and well known for their split personalities. They are really unpredictable and impulsive. Therefore, Geminis are not much trustworthy.

13. Cancer – the most dangerous zodiac sign!

As per the reports of FBI, cancers are the most dangerous of all. They are among the most frequently arrested of all the zodiac signs. Moreover, their crimes are often grave. Then comes Taurus, Sagittarius and Aries. cancers are the most dangerous, among the most frequently arrested of all the zodiac signs

14. These signs are more likely to be billionaires!

Cancer, Taurus and Leo are leading signs in terms of wealth. Elon Musk has cancer zodiac sign, Mark Zuckerberg has Taurus zodiac star.

15. Pisces are notorious for dark thoughts!

Pisces people are loners and notorious for their dark thoughts and detachment from the reality. More often, their anger manifests in a dangerous way under the wrong circumstances.

16. Zodiac sign of most serial killers!

Most notorious serial killers were Pisces, followed by Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo.

17. Ancient Egyptians believed in the evilness of moon!

Moon has great significance in western astrology. Astrologers believe that moon governs emotions and thoughts. Moon’s impact on mind is same as it impact on ocean waves. On the other hand, ancient Egyptian believed that the moon was an evil star. On the other hand, ancient Egyptian believed that the moon was an evil star.

18. Mercury retrograde is actually an optical illusion!

The Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon. Astrologers believe that it negatively impacts a person’s life. This planet takes about 88 days to complete its rotation around the sun. Mercury retrograde happens when the fast-moving planet Mercury apparently slows down. However, the Mercury in retrograde is just an optical illusion. It just “appears” to be moving in opposite direction but doesn't actually change direction. Astrologers, on the other hand, strongly believe its negative impact on a person’s personality and life.   These were some exciting and interesting facts about the zodiac signs. Stay tuned for more interesting information. . Pictures courtesy:

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