Top 15 interesting facts about fire
Top 15 interesting facts about fire
Fire is an occurrence and an event in which substances combine chemically with oxygen from the air, resulting in light, heat, and smoke and burning. Fire is not a things, it’s an event and chemical reaction. From industries to kitchen, fire plays a vital role. Fire symbolizes warmth, enlightenment. However, it also symbolizes hell fire, pain and suffering. On the whole, there are different symbolic meanings of fire. Chinese, Christians and Hebrews consider fire as symbol of divinity. In some cultures, fire is the sign of birth and resurrection. Similarly, the followers of Hinduism perform rituals with pure fire or eternal flame. In ancient Egypt, fire was considered to be the sign of control and superiority. Some cultures view fire as the sign of knowledge and wisdom. You will be amazed to know some of the exciting and interesting fun facts about fire. So, let’s start:

Top 16 amazing and interesting facts about fire!!

The word ‘fire’ is of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch vuur and German Feuer referring to “inanimate”. In English “fire” means “ardent, burning”. It is interesting to know that ancient Greeks were able to start fire. For the purpose, they used concentrated sunlight. Still today, a parabolic mirror that focuses solar rays is used to ignite the Olympic torch.

1. The fire symbol represents its three main components!!

There are three perquisites or components of fire. These are heat, oxygen and fuel. Fire is extinguished if any of these components is lacking. Therefore, the three sided fire symbol represents its fundamental components. Earth is the only place where fire can burn

2. Earth is the only place where fire can burn!!

Another of amazing fun facts about fire! Earth is the only place where fire can burn. The reason is that oxygen is main component of fire that is present on earth only.

3. The color of fire flame depends on the availability of oxygen!!

Assuming oxygen is the main component of fire, it directly influences the flame quality and color. In scarce supply of oxygen, the color of flame is yellowish. It is due to lots of uncombusted fuel particles. Moreover, when oxygen is abundant, fire burns blue.

4. Typical house fire doubles every minute!!

Usually, the house fire doubles in size every minute. This is due to stable fuel, oxygen and heat. Facts about forest fire

5. Facts about forest fire!!

According to US Department of Interior, around 90% of wildfires are caused by human errors. As per National Interagency Fire Center, there were 58,950 wildfires in 2020. These burnt a total of 10.1 million acres area. Year 2021 is expected to be more severe than 2020. From January 1 to June 8, 2021 there were about 26,700 wildfires, burring about 792,000 acres of forest land. Fire spreads faster on a steeper hill. Also, it moves quickly upwards than downward.

6. Fire spreads faster than you think!!

Once it begins, the wildfire can spread as fast as 25 kilometers per hour. Moreover, it takes only 30 seconds to a fire to be out of control. Also Read: Interesting facts about candles 

7. Trees explode during wildfire!!

During wildlife fire, the water inside the trees quickly turns into steam. Consequently, the trees explode in wildfire.

8. Spontaneous combustion is another cause of wildfire!!

Spontaneous combustion happens because some fuel sources generate their own heat. Take the example of haystacks, compost heaps etc. When they rot, they produce heat resulting in fire. Spontaneous combustion is another cause of wildfire

9. There is no record of who inverted fire hydrant!!

Fire hydrant is a connection point which firefighters can tap into a water supply. Interestingly, there is no record of who invented this useful thing because its patent was destroyed in 1836 in a fire.

10. Fun fact about fire – you can make water from it!!

Yes! You can make water from fire with a simple trick. Put a cold spoon over a candle flame.  You will see that water vapor condense on the metal. The reason is that was contains hydrogen which reacts with atmospheric oxygen and it makes water.

11. The heat and smoke of fire kills people long before it burns!!

Unfortunately, people mainly die of smoke and heat of fire. Fire can suck all of oxygen of room and soon poisonous gases fill in. moreover, the heat of fire is usually around 315 degrees Celsius at eye level. Therefore, people die of heat and smoke before being caught in flames.

12. The New Fire Ceremony of Aztec civilization!!

The New Fire Ceremony, also known as the “Binding of the Years” ceremony was a ritual of Aztec civilization. The ritual was held every 52 years in the month of November, at the completion of Aztec solar colander. The purpose of this religious ritual was to renew the sun and ensure another 52-year cycle.  For the ritual, the Aztecs would put out every flame in the entire empire. The, an esteemed priest would ignite a new fire on the ripped-open chest of a sacrificial animal. At the end of ceremony, the fire fed from this flame would be spread throughout the land. The Aztec believed that if the ceremony failed, it would end the Aztec civilization. The color of fire flame depends on the availability of oxygen

13. The Great Fire Of London In 1666 Was Somehow A Good Burn – This Is How!!

In 1666, the Great Fire of London ruined about 80% of the city. Along with  this massive destruction, this fire ended an outbreak of bubonic plague that had killed more than 65,000 people the previous year. Interestingly, this fire killed the rats and fleas that were the carriers of Yersinia pestis bacterium – the pathogen behind bubonic plague outbreak.

14. The Largest Wildfire Of 21st Century!!

Russian wildfire of 2003 was the largest wildfire of the 21st century. The fire destroyed an area of 200,000 km2.

15. Candles Cause 2% Of The Reported Home Fire!!

According to (2014-2018) reports of US Fire Departments, candle cause an average of 7,610 homestructure fires per year. This means candles cause an average of 21 homes fires per day. Candles Cause 2% Of The Reported Home Fire - facts about fire

16. The Deadliest Fires in the History of United States!!

  • The deadliest fire in the history of United States was after the attack of world trade center on September 11, 2001. It reportedly killed 2,666 people.
  • S.S Sultana shipment boiler explosion and fire was the second deadliest fire in history. It happened on April 27, 1865 and killed 1,547 people.
  • The Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin was the third deadliest blaze in United States history. It happened on 8 October, 1871, killing 1200 people.
These were some amazing and interesting fun facts about fire. Stay tuned for more interesting stuff. Images courtesy:  

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