Interesting facts about rain to pour over!!
Interesting facts about rain to pour over!!
Rain is a marvelous natural phenomenon and major component of water cycle. The water vapors continuously evaporate from the surface of water. The condensed atmospheric water vapors form rain and this phenomenon is named as precipitation. As the water vapors condense together, they get bigger and too heavy to remain suspended in the clouds. Thus, they fall on earth as rain. This is how rain replenishes the fresh water bodies on earth. Rainwater is vital for plant growth and in many areas, rain is the only source of agricultural water. In nutshell, rain is a Divine blessing. Let’s share some of amazing and interesting facts about rain:

Spiritual significance of rain

Rain symbolizes so many things depending on the context in which it appears. More often, rain symbolizes hope, rejuvenation, spring, life, new beginnings etc. On the other hand, in poetry books; rain is often linked with emotions, sadness, and loneliness. So, there are several different connotes of rain. However, rain is declared a “blessing” in religious texts. So it has huge spiritual significance. Rain is mentioned in religious texts of different religions. For instance;

“And it is He who sends down the rain after they had despaired and spreads His mercy. And He is the Protector, the Praiseworthy.”  - The holy Quran; (46:24)


For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessing on your offspring.” -  (Isaiah 44:3)

interesting facts about rain Jews believe that rain is the gift and blessing from Divine. the Torah states that rain is reward and blessing for following God’s laws;

“If you follow My laws and are careful to keep My commandments, I will provide you with rains at the right time, so that the land will bear its crops and the trees of the field will provide fruit” (Leviticus 26:3)"

They also believe that if they fail to obey their lord, there skies will become like iron from which no rain will fall as their punishment. Therefore, rain is indeed nature’s marvel and divine blessing. Here are top 17 amazing rain facts you probably didn't know before!!

Top 17 interesting facts about rain!!

1. It’s been raining a long time!!

Another of mind-blowing and interesting facts about rain is that raindrops date back to approximately 2.7 billion years ago. Archeologists have discovered fossils consisting of raindrop’s indentations. the earliest of raindrops fell on layers of ash from volcanic eruptions. As more ash covered the surface, it preserved the tiny raindrops. Interestingly, the soil erosion due to more rain exposed those preserved fossils.

2. Pluviophile - the person who loves rain!

Many of us enjoy and love the rain and find comport and peace of mind when it rains. You may not know that the person who is fond of rain is called a “Pluviophile”. the person who is fond of rain is called a “Pluviophile”.

3. You can predict about rain by the shape and color of clouds!!

Clouds are of different types. Careful observation of the shape and color of cloud can help you predict about rain. The cumulonimbus cloud is the one which is tall and puffy but flattened at the top. A nimbostratus cloud is flat and grayish in color. In case of these clouds chances are high that rain is in the 24-hour forecast.

4. Raindrop is not actually “drop” shaped!!

It is now scientifically proven that rain drops are actually not tear shaped. When the water vapors condense together, they form a roughly spherical shape. The air pressure on the falling droplet flattens one side of it, giving it the “drop” shape.

5. The unique earthly smell of rain is called “Petrichor”!!

W all love the refreshing, earthly and pleasant odor of rain when it falls. This refreshing aroma is called as “petrichor”. This term “petrichor” was suggested Australian scientists in 1964. Petrichor is derived from Greek words, “petra” referring to “stone” and “ichor” means “the fluid”. As per Greek mythology, petichor is the odor of fluid that flows in the veins of Greek gods. grain rain happens in April and it’s a sign that the spring is over. So now the temperature will rise and it will rain abundantly.

6. The reason behind unique earthly odor of rain!!

Well this pleasant odor is because of a molecule, geosmin. The soul dwelling bacteria produce geosmin, mainly the genus Streptomyces. When it rains, the rain water, air, plant oils and geosmin, collectively produces the petrichor odor. Wind further spread this petrichor odor, creating a luscious and pleasant atmosphere. Also read: Interesting facts about candles 

7. It rains diamonds on Neptune!!

This is another of wonderful and interesting facts about rain. Firstly, rain is not just an earthly phenomenon; it rains everywhere. However, the rain is different on different planets. On Neptune, it rains diamonds which is the result of pure carbon. Venus has acidic atmosphere, so it rain sulfuric acid on Venus. Rain on Mars consists of dry ice; methane on Saturn's moon Titan and helium   rains along with ammonia hailstones on Jupiter. Any idea about Exoplanet HD 189733b? This planet was discovered in 2005 and it is approximately 64.5 light-years away from our Solar System. at this planet, the temperature exceeds 1000°C and it rains glass. Interesting!

8. Global rain records!!

The global record for the most rainfall in 24 hours happened in the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion in 1966. It happened during a cyclone Denise and the 34 hour rainfall was recorded 71.9 inches (182.5 cm). The global record for the most rainfall in 24 hours happened in the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion in 1966. The most rainfall in one year was recorded Cherrupanji, India. It was about 1,000 inches of rainfall, or about 25.4 meters of rainfall.

9. The least rainy place on earth is NOT the desert!

Desert is believed to be the driest and least rainy places on earth. You will be amazed to know that the least rainy place on earth is not desert; it’s Antarctica.  Antarctica gets only 6.5 inches of rain which is the lowest annual rainfall.

10. The rainiest place in the world!!

The current Guinness world Record holder, for the rainiest place in the world, is Mawsynram. Mawsynram is a cluster of hamlets located in Meghalaya, north-eastern India. Meghalaya means “the land of the clouds”. From June till September is the rainiest time of the year and the average annual rainfall here is startlingly 11,871 mm of rain. The most rainfall in one year was recorded Cherrupanji, India

11. Phantom rain – the rain which does not make the ground wet!!

Phantom rain is the term used for rain that evaporates before it hits the ground. This happens in the dry and hot regions. When it rains, the rain drops quickly evaporate due to hot and dry air.

12. The currency in Botswana  is “rain” !!

“Botswanan pula” is the currency of the African nation of Botswana. The term “pula” means rain. Metaphorically, this name of currency reveals how precious and rare rain is in this country. The currency in Botswana  is “rain”

13. Ever heard of Grain Rain?

The term “Grain Rain” refers to the 6th solar term in the traditional Chinese calendar. It happens in April and it’s a sign that the spring is over. So now the temperature will rise and it will rain abundantly. Therefore, this is the ideal time for agriculture. Chinese celebrates the grain rain and take it as sign for good the rice crops.

14. “Rain of fish” in Yoro, Honduras!!

Yoro is a small town in northwestern Honduras. At least once in a year, small silver fish fall from the sky during large storms. What’s more interesting here is that the fish are not even local to this area. Magic or supernatural phenomenon? The scientific explanation of this strange phenomenon is that the sea tornadoes bring these fish here. Now this was a mind-blowing and interesting rain fact. “Rain of fish” in Yoro, Honduras!  

15. North America tribes and their traditional rain dance!!

“Rain dance” is cultural tradition of North American tribes. The tribal people believe that they can invoke rain by their “moves”. So they dance in groups. This tradition is still followed in some tribes.

16. Blood rain – myth or fact?

The phenomena of blood rain have been recorded in history and recorded since century BC. Till 17th century, people believed that it was actually blood that pours on earth in the form of rain. The phenomenon is now scientifically explained. The reason behind such blood rain is the aerial spores of microalgae Trentepohlia annulata. Due to different colored spores, red, green, yellow and black rain was also reported. raindrops

17. Some interesting rain proverbs in different counties and cultures!!

There are many interesting and funny saying and proverbs about rain in different cultures. Here are some of these;
  •  In hungry, rain on the 8th June is the sign that there is going to be heavy rainfall that will continue for the next 40 days. Rain on the 25th of May is the indication that the wine will go sour.
  • The Polish believe that if the cows lie down on the meadows, it’s about to rain.
  • Hearing sheep bells in the French mountains is also an indication of upcoming rain.
  • There is an old fable saying that that if someone spots the end of the rainbow and digs, he will get a pot of gold.
There are many more interesting sayings and proverbs about rain. Some prove right while some are just myths. So, these were some mind-blowing and interesting facts about rain. Stay tuned for more amazing and interesting fact.    

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