Interesting facts about middle child psychology
Interesting facts about middle child psychology
Understanding a child’s psychology is crucial for good parenting. Birth order has a significant role in child’s development. Scientists and researchers have made huge efforts in studies and research to understand the impact of birth order on child’s psychology. Your child’s birth order very much impacts his/her personality, traits, behavior or psychology. Not only as parents, but as friends, family and collogues, understating one’s psychology is much required. It helps you to better understand a person’s nature, and also establishes strong ties and such a rewarding experience for both sides. Middle child is often considered as “forgotten child” as they are in stuck in between the brilliant eldest and ebullient youngest. One specific thought that comes to our mind for a middle born is “middle child syndrome”. Aside from this, there is still so much more about being a middle child. Here are some interesting facts about middle child psychology that you must know about!!

Top 14 amazing and interesting facts about middle child psychology

1. Middlers are perfect blend of brilliant eldest and ebullient youngest!

If there is lesser gap between siblings and siblings share a healthy relationship, middle child tends to share positive personality aspects from other sibling. Moreover, middle child is additionally supervised by the elder sibling. It also helps in developing more positive personality traits.

2. They are peace makers and best at finding middle grounds!

With the birth of second and third child, parental care does not remain same as it was for their first born. As the time and attention of parents divides, the middle child is somehow neglected. Slowly and gradually, they learn to accept whatever the time and attention parents give him/her, without comparing it to the elder sibling. Therefore, middle child is usually introvert, quiet and peacemaker. Not only this, the middle kids are best negotiators. The reason behind this is that they often have to negotiate between elder and younger siblings. They are excellent when it comes to presenting their points and thus they learn the art of negotiation and settling the middle grounds. middle child psychology - the middle borns are best negotiator

3. They are team players!!

The art of negotiation, empathy and flexibility make them excellent team players. Middle borns perform well in group tasks as well.

4. Extremely competitive and smart leaners!!

Being a middle child makes a kid extremely competitive as he/she needs to establish her own identity compared to other siblings. Furthermore, they are additionally cared for by the elder sibling. This makes them smart and good learners as they try to imitate the actions of the elder siblings in order to be more like him/her. middle child is often a quick learner and smart one

5. Middle borns tend to have low IQ than eldest kid – but they are smart!

Another interesting fact about middle child is that they tend to have low IQ than the eldest. Apparently, this IQ difference is expected to be one fifth of the standard deviation according to some studies. Study suggests that the eldest kid is most likely to have multiple degrees and excel in academics. Middle born may not be super intelligent, but they are smart and quick learners. However, they are good and smart leaner and excel in other aspects of life such as sports and extracurricular activities. middle child psychology fun facts

6. Middle child is likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome!

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a relatively complex health issue. Study suggests that in comparison to eldest and youngest siblings, middle kids are more affected by this health issue.

7. Fun fact - they are less likely to cheat in relationship – perfect marriage material!

This is another amazing and interesting fact about middle borns. Eldest kid receives the maximum and undivided attention, care and time of parents. Youngest, by birth, is the apple of eye. This makes the middle borns feel neglected and less cared for. Interestingly, this makes them more trustworthy and sincere in other relationships; friendship and marriage. Middle borns know how to sustain the relationship. This is as if they find the love and comport in friends and life partners which they miss from the parents. Thus, they are loyal, caring and sincere in relationships and less likely to cheat.  middle borns are less likely to cheat in relationship

8. Middle borns are usually attracted to middle born!

Studies suggest that middle born share strong bonding and are attracted to middle born when it comes to romantic relationship. On the other hand, psychologist Kevin Leman shares in his book “The New Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are," that middle and youngest borns make ideal relationship. The youngest born are usually ebullient and outgoing so that can help the middlers to open up.

9. Middle kids tend to have less BMI, obesity and hypertension

It’s interesting that second borne or middle kids have relatively less BMI and obesity. Therefore, they are less likely to suffer from related health issues mainly hypertension.

10. Middlers are adventurous and risk takers!!!

Usually the elder sibling is the sophisticated one, the middle born, one the other hand, is audacious and risk taker. Less social responsibly, carefree, risk taker and being adventurous are key personality traits of middle born kids. middle born children are adventurous and risk takers - middle child psychology

11. They are often super successful and excel in career!!

Being absolutely self-aware, diplomat and negotiator make them super successful in career. Based on their personality and psychology, the most suitable professions for middle born kids are business and politics as well. Interestingly, about 52% of US presidents were middle born kids. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana were middle born kids. Great negotiation skills, empathy, and flexibility, innovative thinking and self reliance all these traits help the middle kids to excel in their career and life.

12. National middle child day

National middle child day began in 1986 with the aim to give the middle born kids a special day of their own. So that they do not feel neglected and left out. August 12 is national middle child day.

13. Middle child syndrome – myth or fact!!

The term “middle child syndrome” is often used for middle kids. It refers to the feeling of exclusion by the middle born kids. Some evidences support it while others reject it. Nonetheless, studies affirm that middle kids experience more psychological issues. This mainly happens because of lack of parental attention, time and care that eldest and youngest receive the most. Another interesting yet heartbreaking fact about middle child psychology is that they are prone to suicidal and self-injurious behavior. Such negative behavior is even more common in middle born females compared to middle born males. National middle child day is celebrated on 12 August

14. Forget about the middle child syndrome – the positive outlook of being a middle born!!

Being a middle born is advantageous in so many ways. These are the kids who are not 24/7 supervision of parents. It’s logical that parental attention and care may not be the same as it was for eldest or firstborn kid. The positive aspect of being a middle born is that the middlers learn to be independent in so many ways. They learn negotiation, empathy, flexibility, self awareness and problem solving. Therefore, they are ones who think out of box and forge a path for themselves out of every situation and thus excel in career and life. . These were some interesting facts about middle child psychology. Stay tuned for more.!! . Pictures courtesy:

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