Interesting facts about white chocolate!!
Interesting facts about white chocolate!!
Chocolates are all time favorite no matter for kids or grownups. This yummy and scrumptious treat is made from fermented and roasted cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are bitter in taste. That’s why; they are roasted, fermented and processed to develop the characteristic chocolate flavor. Milk, dark and white chocolate are three types of chocolates. Everyone has his own taste. Some prefer dark chocolate over white chocolate. Nevertheless, these types differ in their composition and nutritional values. In this article, we have brought you some some interesting facts about white chocolate; how white chocolate is made; who launched it; what exactly it is etc. Cocoa beans from Theobroma tree were used for their healing properties since at least as early as 460 AD. Over the course of time, humans used cocoa beans to make a scrumptious delight - chocolate. White chocolate is in fact a variation of traditional dark chocolate and it also differs in composition and nutritional content. Chocolate is now an indulgent confection and scrumptious snack especially for kids and young. Here are some interesting fun facts about white chocolate that you probably didn’t know before!! Interesting facts about white chocolate - fun facts

Top 10 interesting facts about white chocolate

1. This is how chocolate is made from cocoa beans!!

Making our favorite treat is a lengthy process but it’s worth it. The seed of Theobroma cocoa tree are fermented so as to lessen their intense bitter taste. Following fermentation, the cocoa beans are dried, cleaned, and roasted. In the next step, cocoa nibs and shells are separated. Cacao nibs are ground to fine powder – the cocoa mass. Heating liquefies the cocoa mass and this liquid is named as chocolate liquor. The liquor is further processed yielding cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The milk and dark chocolates contain both of the cocoa solid and cocoa butter. Milk chocolate contains additional milk and sweeteners. White chocolate has same ingredients but lacks cocoa solids.

2. Technically speaking, white chocolate is Not chocolate!

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans. The white chocolate, on the other hand, is devoid of “cocoa solids” – the key ingredient of real chocolate. As per the guidelines of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a product must contain chocolate liquor in order to be categorized as “chocolate”. This ingredient gives the characteristic intense color and flavor to milk and dark chocolate. But, it lacks in white form of chocolate. So, basically, white is “whitened” form of real chocolate. However, in year 2002, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed it to be labeled as chocolate. FDA approves only when the final product contains at least 20% of cocoa powder. Interesting facts about white chocolate..

3. How is white chocolate made?

White chocolate lacks the main ingredient of chocolates - cocoa solid. It consists of only cocoa butter, some additional flavor and just traces amounts of stimulants including caffeine and theobromine.

4. This sweet delicacy was launched by Nestle in 1930!!

For the first time in 1930, Nestlé launched or introduced white chocolate - Galak in Europe. White chocolate bar consisting of almonds soon became popular. Following Nestlé, several other companies such as Merckens Chocolate Company came up with their own formula. Till 1990, Nestlé was the key producer of white chocolate. However, in 1990, Hershey introduced white Kisses. The product is diversified as its popularity grew.

5. National white chocolate day!!

September 22 is dedicated as US National white chocolate day. Interesting facts about white chocolate....

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6. Pure white chocolate is Not white!!

Cocoa butter is the key ingredient of white chocolate. Cocoa butter itself is ivory-colored. So pure white chocolate is slightly yellowish in color. However, if it’s white, it is because of added confectionery. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable fats. Its natural antioxidants prevent rancidity and enhance its shelf life as much as 2-5 years. Interesting facts about white chocolate.. On the other hand, being high in fat means that this variety of chocolate can absorb adores. Thus, keep in fridge and dry places so that it does not smell bad.

7. White, milk or dark chocolate - the healthiest choice!!

Each verity of chocolate has its own distinct taste, characteristic flavor and nutritional value. However, if it comes to healthiest option, it’s unquestionably “dark chocolate”. Milk chocolate comes next and white comes to third position in nutrition chart. The reason is cocoa contents. Dark chocolate has maximum of cocoa and thus rich in antioxidants and flavonoids. Milk chocolate contains additional milk, sugar and sweetener. And then comes white chocolate in nutritional value. Interesting facts about white chocolate..

8. Did you know? Some People might be allergic to chocolates!!

Some people may have an allergic reaction to chocolates. This is actually a cross-reactivity reaction. This means you are not allergic to chocolate itself but to some of its ingredients such as cocoa, wheat, nuts, milk etc. in addition, some people have gluten intolerance (celiac disease) which is principally found in wheat. Chocolate contains similar protein to gluten. Our body may mistake it as actual gluten protein so that’s why sometime dark chocolate is not for you.

9. Don’t worry if you are allergic to dark chocolate!

Since white chocolate lacks the major chocolate ingredient - cocoa mass; you can eat it in preference to milk and dark chocolates. Interesting facts about white chocolate..  

10. It’s the all time favorite delight of Brazilian people!

By far, Brazilians consume most white chocolate. White chocolate ice-cream is popular among kids. The white delicacy makes about 15.5% of the country's overall chocolate market. Netherland comes next to Brazil for this chocolate consummation. South Africa is at third position and it seems that Canadian prefer dark and milk types over white chocolate. So these were a few interesting facts about white chocolate. Stay tuned for more fun facts. . . Pictures courtesy:  

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